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Tips for Preventing Injuries Caused by Car Accidents to Pregnant Mothers

Around 92500 women who are pregnant are injured from car accidents in every year. Only those injuries caused to expectant mothers are focused in this list. Some exclusion has been done on the child who is unborn. Most mothers tend to worry a lot when pregnant whether they are likely to get an accident. Even if the accident is minor, it can cause some serious impacts. If you are involved in an accident, just visit the physician who is nearby. Always do that whether the accident is minor or serious. The physician in the emergency room will conduct an ultrasound, in order to confirm whether injuries have occurred to the unborn and the placenta. If some symptoms are identified, you are monitored for some few hours. Even if you are allowed to exit, just contact the physician. Actually, it is impossible to avoid some accidents. These injuries are avoided through several measures that are put in place. The following measures will help in avoiding injuries during an accident.

Your feeling is the first thing to consider. Before you enter into the car, try to check how your body feels. There are higher chances of getting an accident to an expectant mother who is tired. Just delay the journey for some time in case your condition is worse than normal. It is known that some short snap has the capability of helping the body feel better. Perhps you can decide to use someone else to drive the car.

Secondly, cut distractions. In case, you are driving while distracted some problems are likely to happen. As a pregnant woman, just reduce the volume and avoid mobile devices. From there, some full concentration is placed on the road while considering the weather. Don’t forget to remove any layer of clothing you might be wearing. The position of the seat belt is altered by your sweaters and jackets. These clothing will also increase your temperatures.

Thirdly, ensure the steering wheel is positioned. The car’s steering wheel is always affected because the baby bump moves closer as the pregnancy is progressing. Most of the time, try to remain the passenger and avoid driving. Your breastbone should stay 10 inches away.

Finally, use the tummy shield. It has actually been designed to act as a seatbelt for those mothers who are expectant. It has been tested previously against crashing. The abdomen is protected because the seat belt is kept away after the occurrence of the accident. Most people understand that the seat belt is able to cause damages to the baby. Of course, it has been proven the best way that can protect expectant mothers. If it not handled properly, it is likely to lead to some serious injuries.